A logo was needed for an upcoming conference being hosted by Flagler College. The old logo was unable to be used due to the conference name changing.

The audience of the conference needed to be able to recognize that this is the logo for the conference easily, so at the event they can recognize where they are, and so that this conference has an identity beyond a name. Since this logo was for Flagler College, there was an opportunity to brand it with the school colors.

During the process of creating the new logo, a moodboard was created to feel out what the college was looking for. There was a push towards books and stacks of them. Ideas with circles and rings around them to convey a sense of “togetherness” and “community” were also employed in drafts of the designs, but were scrapped upon final edits. The design process went through many iterations before reaching the final.

The definition of contest is to “engage in competition to attain (a position of power)” or to oppose (an action, decision, or theory) as mistaken or wrong.” Bearing this definition in mind, along with the Flagler colors and the book stack idea, this logo was created. 

The climate of politics in Florida played a particular role in the creation of this logo, as there are tensions between many teachers and the current Governor, Ron DeSantis, about the choices he is making regarding classrooms and classes. 

With knowledge of the political climate, I chose to not only make stacks of books, but I chose to make the stacks of books look like it was lifting up a teacher’s nameplate, in an effort to showcase that this conference not only is a teacher sponsored and backed effort, but that this college has the backs of teachers and professors who oppose views that the government has.