The Jacksonville Arboretum and Botanical Gardens is a place that mixes the best of Florida’s flora so patrons can have a peaceful visit to connect with nature. There could be several reasons why the Jacksonville Arboretum might consider a hypothetical rebranding of its logo:

  1. Outdated design: The current logo may have an outdated design that no longer resonates with the target audience or accurately represents the mission and values of the arboretum.
  2. Lack of recognition: The current logo may not be well-known or easily recognizable, which could make it difficult for the arboretum to attract visitors or sponsors.
  3. Inconsistent branding: The arboretum may have expanded its offerings or changed its messaging over time, but the logo has remained the same. This could lead to inconsistencies in branding and messaging, which could confuse visitors and stakeholders.
  4. A need for a fresh start: The arboretum may be undergoing significant changes, such as a leadership transition or a strategic shift, and a new logo could signal a fresh start and a new era for the organization.
  5. Better alignment with values: The current logo may not accurately reflect the arboretum’s commitment to sustainability, conservation, or other values that are important to its stakeholders. A rebranding could help the organization better align its visual identity with its mission and values.

Instead of choosing the state wildflower or flower, the state tree, the sabal palm, was chosen as the identifier for the arboretum. The sharp design of the palm leaves compliment the curves of the font and leave the logo simple, yet effective and modern and fresh, to communicate with viewers that this will be a place you can connect with nature and get a breath of fresh air. It also reflects to stakeholders that the arboretum values “purity”, as the logo is clean and sharp.