MaeJean’s Vintage Jewelry on Etsy needed a website in order to expand their customer base and reach out to potential customers who were not necessarily browsing Etsy.

By creating a website, MaeJean could showcase their products to a wider audience and create a more professional image for their company. They could also offer a better user experience and improve their customer service by providing more detailed product information and easier communication channels.

The website features high-quality product photos, detailed descriptions, and an easy-to-use checkout system.

To the left is the moodboard used as the starting point for this project. The vintage feel was to be kept throughout the website through fonts and colors.

For the homepage, 12 products were chosen as samples of what the shop has to offer. MVJ’s logo is at the top of the page with the shop name and a tagline. When you hover over each product, it transitions from yellow to a gray/clear to help better see the items. All items lead to respective pages. At the bottom of all pages is a get in touch area, where you can submit to be a part of a newsletter and follow their Facebook and Instagram.

Each product page has the name and price as the header, with an informational subheading underneath. There is a picture of the item and if applicable, there is a dropdown with length sizes. Underneath the dropdown, there is an Add to Cart button. There is information about the product and then pertinent details, such as era, material, history, condition, and measurements.

The About Us page has the story of the sisters that make of MJV. It explores why they started the shop, who they are, and a bit about their team as well.