There are several reasons why creating an informative video about the difference between river and sea otters would be beneficial for a zoo:

  1. Educational Value: A video explaining the differences between river and sea otters would provide valuable educational content to visitors, particularly those who may not be familiar with otters or their habitats. By educating visitors about the differences between river and sea otters, the video can enhance their overall experience and understanding of these fascinating animals.
  2. Animal Welfare: As a zoo, it is important to promote animal welfare and conservation efforts. By showcasing the differences between river and sea otters, visitors may gain a greater appreciation for the unique needs and challenges faced by these animals in the wild. This can encourage visitors to support conservation efforts and take action to help protect these species.
  3. Marketing: A well-produced video can serve as a marketing tool for the zoo, attracting visitors and generating interest in its exhibits and educational programs. By highlighting the educational content and valuable information provided in the video, the zoo can position itself as an educational and informative destination for visitors.
  4. Visitor Engagement: Videos are a popular and engaging way to deliver content to visitors. By creating an informative video about river and sea otters, the zoo can attract and engage visitors who may prefer video content over traditional exhibit displays or printed materials.
  5. Staff Training: Creating an informative video about river and sea otters can also serve as a valuable training tool for zoo staff. By ensuring that staff members are knowledgeable about the differences between these otter species, they can provide better information to visitors and enhance the overall guest experience.

The motion graphic created provides information and checks all of these categories. It can be used for education for kids, to show off conservation efforts, market the zoo in an interesting way and keep visitors engaged, or train staff in the differences between sea and river otters. The friendly animation ensures that viewers will watch, as there is not anything that will upset, so it is safe for all ages.