MOSH’s Cocktails and Chemistry is an event brand that combines the worlds of science and mixology, offering unique and creative cocktails that are inspired by scientific concepts. While the brand has been successful, there may be several reasons for a hypothetical rebranding of its logo, such as:

  1. The current logo no longer represents the brand’s values: Over time, a brand’s values and mission may change, and the current logo may no longer reflect those changes. In this case, MOSH’s Cocktails and Chemistry may need to rebrand its logo to better align with its new vision and values.
  2. The current logo does not appeal to the target audience: A brand’s logo should resonate with its target audience and reflect the brand’s personality. If the current logo does not appeal to MOSH’s Cocktails and Chemistry’s target audience, a rebranding effort may be necessary to better connect with them.
  3. The current logo is outdated: As design trends and tastes change, a brand’s logo may start to look outdated. If MOSH’s Cocktails and Chemistry’s logo is no longer fresh or modern, a rebranding effort may be necessary to update its image and appeal to a new generation of consumers.

This rebranded logo is a riff off of the logo they have now. The lime green color margarita glass comes from the original design, but it is simplified so that it is easier on the eyes.

The simple logo allows for its application on a multitute of promotional objects that could be used during these events at MOSH, such as take home drink glasses, take-out bags, and even a DIY drink mix box named after your favorite FBI special agent.