An augmented reality (AR) app can be very helpful in guiding people around museums because it can enhance the visitor’s experience by providing them with interactive and engaging content.

Firstly, an AR app can provide visitors with a more immersive and interactive experience by allowing them to view and interact with exhibits in a new and exciting way. Visitors can use their smartphone or tablet to view digital content overlaid onto real-world objects, such as 3D models, videos, or audio guides. This can help visitors to better understand and appreciate the exhibits, and engage with the content in a more meaningful way.

Secondly, an AR app can help visitors navigate the museum by providing them with a digital map of the museum layout and guiding them to different exhibits or points of interest. This can help visitors to make the most of their visit and ensure that they do not miss any important exhibits or information.

Finally, an AR app can also provide visitors with additional information about the exhibits, such as historical or cultural context, interesting facts, or behind-the-scenes stories. This can help visitors to learn more about the exhibits and appreciate them on a deeper level.

Mouseion is an app that checks off all of those boxes. Starting by using your location, the app will take you to the closest museum to you. From there, it will guide you around whatever museum you are viewing, from art galleries to science museums, with a toggleable arrow that can help point to various pieces of interests.

One a piece of interest has been reached, the screen around it will dim and users can click on it. A screen with  a photograph of the piece will pop up, along with more information, quotes, and more.