The fictional museum “Reverie”offers a unique opportunity for visitors to explore the rich and lavish world of Rococo art and culture. Through its carefully curated collections, elegant galleries, and educational resources, the museum aims to inspire and educate visitors about one of the most fascinating and influential periods in art history.

The moodboard has many Rococo ornaments and details from different time periods on it, such as clean lines and classical motifs, like laurel wreaths and Greek key patterns. These details were used to inspire the logo and branding of elements for this fictional museum.

The font “Garamond Italic” was chosen for this logo, as the Rococo art movement began in France and the typeface was created by famed French printer Claude Garamond in the 16th century. Ornamental details frame the top and bottom to give the logo a feeling of subtle elegance and the feeling that what the visitor is about to experience is lavish.